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Twin Rinks Performance Skating Classes

December 31, 2018 - May 4, 2019

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CodeClassRatioDay#TimeFeePayment planFee w/rentalPayment plan w/rental
2201TOT 1 ADV(1)1:9Mon174:40 - 5:20 pmfullfullfullfull
2202TOT 1 ADV1:10Thu184:40 - 5:20 pmfullfullfullfull
2203TOT 1 ADV1:8Sat189:20 - 10:00 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2204TOT 1 ADV1:8Sat1811:05 - 11:45 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2213TOT 1 ADV1:8Sat189:20 - 10:00 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2221TOT 2(1)1:10Mon174:40 - 5:20 pm$366$193.00/$193.00$398$209.00/$209.00
2222TOT 21:10Thu184:40 - 5:20 pm$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2223TOT 21:10Sat189:20 - 10:00 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2224TOT 21:10Sat1811:05 - 11:45 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2231TOT 3(1)1:10Mon174:40 - 5:20 pm$366$193.00/$193.00$398$209.00/$209.00
2232TOT 31:10Thu184:40 - 5:20 pm$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2233TOT 31:10Sat189:20 - 10:00 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2234TOT 31:10Sat1811:05 - 11:45 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2250PRE ALPHA 2(1)1:15Mon174:40 - 5:20 pm$366$193.00/$193.00$398$209.00/$209.00
2251PRE ALPHA 2(1)1:15Mon174:40 - 5:20 pm$366$193.00/$193.00$398$209.00/$209.00
2252PRE ALPHA 21:15Thu184:40 - 5:20 pm$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2253PRE ALPHA 21:15Sat189:20 - 10:00 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2254PRE ALPHA 21:15Sat1811:05 - 11:45 am$385$202.50/$202.50$419$219.50/$219.50
2301ALPHA(1)1:15Mon174:50 - 6:20 pm$398$209.00/$209.00$430$225.00/$225.00
2302ALPHA1:15Thu184:50 - 6:20 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2303ALPHA1:15Sat189:30 - 11:00 amfullfullfullfull
2304ALPHA1:15Sat189:30 - 11:00 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2401BETA(1)1:15Mon174:50 - 6:20 pm$398$209.00/$209.00$430$225.00/$225.00
2402BETA1:15Thu184:50 - 6:20 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2403BETA1:15Sat189:30 - 11:00 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2404BETA1:15Sat189:30 - 11:00 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2501GAMMA/DELTA(1)1:15Mon174:50 - 6:20 pm$398$209.00/$209.00$430$225.00/$225.00
2502GAMMA/DELTA1:15Thu184:50 - 6:20 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2503GAMMA1:15Sat1810:30 - 12:00 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2603DELTA1:15Sat1810:30 - 12:00 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2700FS 11:15Sat1810:30 - 12:00 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2701FS 11:15Wed184:40 - 6:10 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2702FS 11:15Sat1810:30 - 12:00 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2703FS 21:15Wed184:40 - 6:10 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2704FS 21:15Sat1810:30 - 12:00 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2705FS 31:15Wed184:40 - 6:10 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2706FS 31:15Sat1810:00 - 11:30 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2707FS 41:15Wed184:40 - 6:10 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2708FS 41:15Sat1810:00 - 11:30 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2709FS 51:15Wed184:45 - 6:15 pm$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2710FS 51:15Sat1810:00 - 11:30 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2716FS 31:15Sat1810:00 - 11:00 am$419$219.50/$219.50$453$236.50/$236.50
2798SOLOISTS GROUP NUMBER1:40Thu45:50 - 7:10 pm$30$25.00/$25.00$38$29.00/$29.00
2799FS COACH NICK*1:15Sat1610:00 - 11:00 am$423$221.50/$221.50$455$237.50/$237.50

No Class: (1) 12/31 *Must have landed axel of be in 2709, not in ice show

12/31/2018 MON No Class-New Years Eve

Learn To Skate Practice Schedule

Rink of Distinction from US Figure Skating

Please try to attend your assigned class, we do not offer makeup classes.
Tot I Advance:
Intermediate level program designed for ages 4 - 6.
Two Foot Glide Forward Skating Back Wiggle Forward Dip One Foot Glide Beg. Snow Plow Stop Beg. Forward Swizzles
Tot II: Intermediate level program designed for ages 4 - 6.
Two Foot Turns One Foot Glide Adv. Snow Plow Stop Adv. Forward Swizzles Backward Swizzles Forward Stroking
Tot III: Intermediate level program designed for ages 4 - 6.
T-Stop Forward Pumps One Foot turns Forward Crossover Backward Stroking Bunny Hop Back Pumps Two Foot Edges
Pre-Alpha II: Intermediate level program designed for ages 6 and older. Basic forward skating skills are taught.
Snow Plow Stop Beg. One Foot Glide Forward Swizzle Forward Pump Back Wiggle Forward Skating Intro. Crossovers Back Pumps
Alpha & Beta: Advanced level program designed for ages 6 and older.
Forward Stroking One Foot Snow Stop Forward Crossovers Back Crossovers Back Swizzles Adv. One Foot Glide Back Stroking Two Foot Turns T-Stops
Gamma & Delta: Pre-Freestyle level introduces the basic skills needed to begin jumps and spins which are taught in Freestyle 1
Forward Outside Three Turns Mohawk Sequence Two Foot Forward Edges Hockey Stop Two Foot Back Turns Forward Edges Bunny Hop Shoot the Duck Lunge Intro. Back Edges One Foot Back Turns Inside three turns Back three turns
Freestyle 1 & 2: Basic 1/2 turn jumps and upright spins.
Back Edges (L & R) Two Foot Spin Forward Inside Pivot Forward Arabesque One-Half Flip Waltz Jump Full Rotation Jump Double Threes Ballet Jump One-Half toe Wally One-Half Lutz One Foot Spin Forward Arabesque Bell Waltz Jump Dance Step Sequence Waltz Jump with Back
Freestyle 3 & 4: Full rotation jumps and multiple position spins.
Back Pivot Salchow Jump Change Foot Spin Back Arabesque Toe Loop & Toe Wally Dance Sequence Brackets & Choctaws Axel Once Around Flip Jump Loop Jump Sit Spin One-Half Loop Back Arabesque Dance Sequence Axel Once Around (Moving take-off)
Freestyle 5 & 6: Multiple rotation jumps and advanced spins.
Lutz Jump Axel Jump Camel Spin Combination Spin Back Scratch Spin Dance Sequence Flip Loop Combo Loop Loop Combo Split Jump Split Falling Leaf Waltz-Half Loop-Flip Double Salchow Cross-Foot / Lay-Back / Sit-Change-Sit Spins Spin Combination with Change of Foot and Position Toe Loop Once Around
Freestyle 7 & 8: Advanced Jumps and spins.
All Double Jumps Advance Axel Jump Combination Jumps Combination Spins Foot Work Advance Drills

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