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Twin Rinks Adult Hockey League

Platinum League Spring/Summer 2020

February 9, 2020 to July 21, 2020

  • For individuals with some hockey experience who are looking to play hockey as an enjoyable, recreational activity.

  • Players are playing at a high C level of play.

  • No Checking allowed and full equipment is required. (Full cage as well.)

  • Game ejection plus 1 game for players receiving their third penalty in one game.

  • Normally 1 game each week.

  • Start times weekdays between 7:00pm and 10:45pm, weekends between noon and 10:45pm

  • Early teams all games (except playoffs) will start before 9:16pm.

  • 23 games, including at least 1 playoff game - 15 minute stop-time periods.

  • All players must register and pay USA Hockey at www.usahockeyregistration.com and email us the confirmation form.

  • 2 players may register and be drafted together on the same team. Both players should note this on their forms.

  • Players will be placed on teams by a draft. Maximum 13 skaters plus 1 goalie per team. Players who register after the draft will be placed on any team other than the team played on during the previous season.

  • Captains and up to 4 other players form the team core.

  • Late Team FEES after 1-31-20

    Late Team Full Payment $669.00   --  Current Prorated Price $ 525.00

    Late Team Monthly Perpetual Payment Plan $262.00 now and $108.00 every 30 days.
    You will be enrolled in this season and ALL future Adult Hockey League seasons.
    No refunds. Cancel at any time by email.

    Have your company pay for your hockey. (you provide billboard)
    Late Team both rinks 1 year BOARDS plus your hockey free for 1 year. $2292.00

    Goalie $1.00

    Locker Rental $180/season (2 available)

    Early Team FEES after 1-31-20 start times before 9:16pm

    The Platinum early teams are currently full.
    You can register and sub to get in your games,
    or you can be added to the wait list.
    email todd@twinrinks.com

    Questions? Call (847) 821-7465

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