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Refunds policy prior to the first day:
Payment Plan: No refunds.
Full Payment: 75% refund less a 3% administrative fee.($10 min)
Refunds policy on or after the first day:
A full refund less a 3% administrative fee($10 min) will be given to entry level participants if the child refused to participate during the first day.
This applies to Toddler, Tot 1 Beg, and Pre-Alpha I classes.
Payment Plan: No refunds. Upon notification of cancellation the entire unpaid balance will immediately become due and will be charged to the credit card.
Full Payment: 50% refund less a pro-rated per class fee for each class that has taken place up to the date of notification less a 3% administrative fee.($10 min).

I have read and fully understand the "Waiver and Release of All Claims."
I agree to be bound by the above Refund Policy.

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