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A DOH (deposit on hold account) will be established with this credit card number for your convenience.
Any time your account goes negative you agree that we will charge this credit card the replenish amount you have on file.
You can change the replenish amount anytime by email to
If we are charging the card more than twice a week, you agree that we can increase the replenish amount.
Skaters pay for freestyle ice time in sessions and not by the hour or half hour.
A list of session times is available online and at the front desk.
We do not offer split sessions. Partially skated sessions cannot be made up in another session.
Email to not allow cash withdrawals, to not allow pro shop purchases, or to not allow concessions purchases for this account.

Please register online or fill out the freestyle payment form before you skate and leave the filled out form in the freestyle payment form mailbox.
Unpaid skaters will be charged an additional $5 unpaid skater fee per session.
Skaters who repeatedly skate without paying will forfeit their skating privileges.

Refund policy for Freestyle deposit on hold accounts:
At your request, we will refund any money left in your account less a $10 administration fee and a 3.0% credit card fee.

I have read and fully understand the "Waiver and Release of All Claims."
I agree to be bound by the above Refund Policy.

YES to all of the above


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