Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion, Inc. Telegram Installation Instructions

Telegram Messenger install instructions
Go to the App store
Install Telegram Messenger (blue circle with a paper airplane)
Launch Telegram
Click Start Messaging
Enter your phone number, click continue
Enter the authentication code
Enter your name and click continue
Access contacts? I said don't allow, you can do what you want
Send Notifications click allow
Use Siri, I said don't allow, you can do what you want (skip for android)
In the search bar at the top enter: @getmychatid
Click on the top one blue circle with orange square
Click start (write down user id-you will need it later)
Click Back
In the search bar at the top enter TwinRinks-texting
Click on TwinRinks-texting
Click Start

Go to Twin Rinks website and enter in your username and password
Click: Click here to update your profile information
Make sure your cell phone number is correct.
Select Telegram Messenger as your carrier
Enter your Chat ID
Click Send a test text message.

You should get the Telegram message within 5 minutes.
If you click on the button at the bottom of each message it takes you to the login screen.
I'm happy to help with the install on the phone, email esubs for an appointment.