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Skating Class Code:
Class Description:    
Class Fee:                 


Refunds policy prior to the first day:
Payment Plan: No refunds.
Full Payment: 75% refund less a 3% administrative fee.($10 min)
Refunds policy on or after the first day:
A full refund less a 3% administrative fee($10 min) will be given to entry level participants if the child refused to participate during the first day.
This applies to Toddler, Tot 1 Beg, and Pre-Alpha I classes.
Payment Plan: No refunds. Upon notification of cancellation the entire unpaid balance will immediately become due and will be charged to the credit card.
Full Payment: 50% refund less a pro-rated per class fee for each class that has taken place up to the date of notification less a 3% administrative fee.($10 min).

If for any reason we are unable to provide the ice time, you agree we can extend the session or give you a discount towards future sessions to make up for the lost ice time. There will be no refunds if we are unable to provide the ice time, only make up ice.

Promotional, Website, and Social Media Notice:
I hereby give Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion, Inc. permission to use photos or videos that capture my child/ward or me.

I have read and fully understand the "Waiver and Release of All Claims."
I agree to be bound by the above Refund Policy.

YES to all of the above


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