Solar Project

Thursday 6-18-15 began the installation of a grid-tied solar photovoltaic system having a name plate capacity of 388.8-kWP to provide renewable energy to the building.

Energy developed by the solar photovoltaic system shall be supplied to the building and excess energy supplied directly to the existing grid network.

The solar panels will almost cover the entire roof surface and are estimated to supply up to 23% of the annual electric use.

The system is being installed by WCP Solar Services, LLC.

6-22-15 Installing mounting hardware.  The 11,256 clamps use set screws and do not penetrate the roof.

7-9-15 Installing Conduit

7-15-15 Installation of the 1 of 16 24500watt inverters.  This takes the DC power produced from the panels and converts it to AC.

4864 panels.  Each is 47.25" x 23.6" generating 80 watts of power at 58.8 volts dc.
8 panels are wired in series to make up 1 string.  Each string is 640 watts at 470.4 volts dc.
Stings are wired together in parallel to make a branch.  Branch sizes will be either 4 strings or 7 strings.
38 strings are connected to each inverter (above).
Inverter takes 24320 watts at 470.4 volts dc and convert it to 23833 watts of 3 phase 480v ac.
The output from the 16 inverters will be 381,337 watts of 3 phase 480v ac.

8-20-15 1st section of the roof almost complete.

8-01-16 Completed project.

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