Adult Hockey League Teams Forming in July, Individuals Welcome.

Summer Youth House League Hockey Programs

June 10 - August 21, 2024

3 on 3 Game Night Mite, Squirt, & Peewee

Tuesday6-116:30 to 7:30pm$31$33
Tuesday6-18no ice
Tuesday6-256:25 to 7:25pm$31$33
Tuesday7-027:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday7-097:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday7-167:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday7-237:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday7-307:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday8-067:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday8-137:10 to 8:10pm$31$33
Tuesday8-206:10 to 7:10pm$31$33
AllAll3 on 3 Game Nights$260$280
AllAll3 on 3 Game Nights
with rental

Monday Skills Night - All Levels

Monday6-106:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday6-176:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday6-246:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday7-016:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday7-086:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday7-156:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday7-226:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday7-296:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday8-056:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday8-126:20 to 7:20pm$31$33
Monday8-196:30 to 7:30pm$31$33
AllAllSkills Nights$286$308
AllAllSkills Nights
with rental

Wednesday LTS Practice Stick and Puck - All Levels
Parents welcome (wear a helmet)
Register and pay at front desk

Wednesday6-126:30 to 7:30pm$18
Wednesday6-196:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday6-266:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday7-036:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday7-106:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday7-176:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday7-246:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday7-316:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday8-076:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday8-146:20 to 7:20pm$18
Wednesday8-216:30 to 7:30pm$18

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