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Summer Youth House Hockey Programs

June 12 - August 29, 2023

Open to 2022-2023 registered Sharks House League players. Jr. & Novice Sharks, Mites, Squirts and Peewees and invited guests.
3 on 3 Game Night: House league hockey players will play a supervised game each week.
Skills Night: House league hockey players will be run through skill development drills.

Please pay for ice time online before going on the ice. $32 per session if pre-registered or $42 to walk on.

3 on 3 Game Night Mite, Squirt, & Peewee $30 Zelle or $32 cc

DayDateTimeZelleCredit Card
Tuesday6-137:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday6-206:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Tuesday6-276:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Tuesday7-04no ice
Tuesday7-117:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday7-187:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday7-257:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday8-017:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday8-087:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday8-157:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday8-227:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
Tuesday8-297:10 to 8:10pm$30$32
All 11ALL3 on 3 Game Nights$275$297

Monday Skills Night - All Levels $30 Zelle or $32 cc

DayDateTimeZelleCredit Card
Monday6-126:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday6-196:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday6-266:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday7-03no ice
Monday7-106:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday7-176:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday7-246:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday7-316:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday8-076:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday8-146:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday8-216:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
Monday8-286:30 to 7:30pm$30$32
All 11ALLSkills Nights$275$297

Monday LTS Practice Stick and Puck - All Levels $17

Parents welcome (wear a helmet)

Register and pay at front desk

Monday6-125:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday6-195:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday6-265:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday7-03no ice
Monday7-105:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday7-175:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday7-245:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday7-31no ice
Monday8-075:20 to 6:20pm$17
Monday8-14no ice
Monday8-21no ice
Monday8-28no ice

Mite/Squirt Summer Equipment Rental

Chase Quickpay or Zelle$47
Credit Card$50

Questions? Call our Youth Hockey Director (847) 821-7465 x 118,
or email youthhockey at twinrinks dot com.

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